Privacy Notice for NatWest Plan Ahead

How we use your information

Information you upload to NatWest Plan Ahead will be used to support your end of life planning and personalize your checklist and will be shared with your nominated key person(s). ​ Your contact information will be kept up to date with our main Bank systems. We may share relevant data that you have provided with the bank to Plan Ahead; this will be used to help you access Plan Ahead more easily.

Why would you share your information with NatWest Plan Ahead​ ​

Sharing your information with NatWest Plan Ahead enables you to:​

  • Retain the relevant information you wish to upload in one central location​
  • Share this information with key person(s) such as family members or executors/solicitors​
  • Identify areas where you may need further information ​ ​

Who we share your info with​ ​

We share your information with:​

  • Key persons nominated and authorised by yourself​
  • Other companies in our group​
  • Third parties providing services to us, such as market analysis and benchmarking and our sub-contractors acting on our behalf such as the technical solution provider for Plan Ahead.​ ​

Marketing Preferences​ ​

We would like to support with your NatWest Plan Ahead planning options and offer 3rd party products or services which may be of benefit to you.

You can opt out of these offers at any time using the Unsubscribe option from the emails we send you or from the Plan Ahead website, Privacy Policy section in the Main Menu. ​ ​

Cookie Policy for NatWest Plan Ahead​

To learn about the cookies we use and to manage your cookie preferences, please visit this page.

What can happen?​ ​

If you no longer wish to use this service you can cancel your contract at any time. Your information will then be deleted within 30 days time.​ ​

If you want more details about how we use your information or your rights, please read our full Privacy Notice.

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